Tsuru Robotics


Tsuru Robotics was found in 2015 by the Skoltech graduates. We create newest drones with unique positioning system and automatic control; develop software and electronics mastered solely for every project.

Up to the moment, our team includes engineers, computer scientists, constructors, designers and art event organizing professionals. We were united by an idea of building modern drones with wide applications and reveal their potential in arts and education. One of these ideas embodiments is the Drones Show.

In June 2017 our team, collaborating with Interactive Lab, held the first Russian automated drones show, confined to the opening of X5 Retail Group distributive center. Just 3 months later the first world exhibition of art pieces drawn by drone hit the territory of Winzavod’s gallery, featuring Misha Most art creations.

We do not frame ourselves by thinking of magnificence only: safety and environmental friendliness fall in our priorities too. These criteria were fundamental for NanoPix drones. Harmless to people, we build their frame from biodegradable materials that perfectly fit performances, as well as educational activities with children.

We consider the drones’ potential has not been revealed to the full yet. We are ready for complex problems and their creative solutions.


  • Create projects serially
  • Develop technical specification individually
  • Design electronics and software of our own
  • Work Martian hours
  • Enjoy our labor and respect our clients




Drones produced


Selfie with Medwedew