Altium, a leading global developer of PCB designing software, announced the start of cooperation with our company. Within its framework, Tsuru Robotics created drone reference design in Altium Designer. The main objective of the partnership was to develop the design of a compact unmanned multirotor that includes features from complex professional devices. As a result, Tsuru Robotics created a smart device that differs significantly from a conventional drone. Some of the important features are the presence of a powerful microprocessor, support for computer vision and the ability to connect various external devices. And all this in a compact assembly of PCBs the size of a mobile phone.

“We are confident that the scope of drone applications will constantly be expanding: they are already used for aerial photography, patrolling and monitoring of various objects. Tsuru Robotics manufactures high-tech drones using its own electronics, which has no analogs in the world, – said Alexey Sabunin, head of product marketing for Altium. “We are pleased to help to create such a unique project not only for Russia, but for the whole world, and we continue to help the company create innovative products.”

“We noticed that many specialists on the Russian market work with Altium,” said Nikita Rodichenko, Technical Director of Tsuru Robotics. “We had a desire to work with Altium long before we initiated this project, during which we were able to fully use the functionality of the software at all stages of the project. Previously, for some individual tasks, we used other engineering software, but now all the design work for printed circuit boards in the company is fully carried out in Altium Designer. ”