Tsuru Robotics


Tsuru Robotics was founded in 2015. Over the years we implemented 28 widely diverse projects and manufactured 262 unmanned aerial vehicles.

We produce high-tech drones, including drones with complete automatic control. Our company builds aerial robots from scratch, using our very own unique designs, throughout the project.

Tsuru Robotics develops virtually all of its electronics single-handedly: flight controllers, navigation systems, radio modules and power supply systems.

We develop complete software structure: from radio module firmware and autopilot software to server modules for controlling a single drone or a group of drones.

Tsuru Robotics also prepares and holds the automated drone show.

In July 2017 we collaborated with Interactive Lab, to hold the first automated show in Russia.

In September 2017 the unprecedented exhibition took place, where graffiti drone painted what Misha Most, the artist, had concocted.

In February 2018 for the first time in Russia, we presented choreographed drone dance, featuring 12 drones.

Currently, our team consists of engineers, programmers, designers, and also experts that take part in every event of any complexity. All of us are brought together by the idea to make new machines and to utilize their abilities in security, business, art, and education.


  • Create projects serially
  • Develop technical specification individually
  • Design electronics and software of our own
  • Work Martian hours
  • Enjoy our labor and respect our clients




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